The Farm

The Montevergine company is born in the 2000 from the cooperation between four companies that in generations operate in farming and, especially, the field of the olive culture. It is born from the requirement to introduce directly for the consumers the goodness of its products that, although it passes of time and the modernization of the techniques growing, the production and harvest, have conserved, intact, the genuinely, the quality, the own taste of a "burned field" of the sun, struck of the wind, caress of the sea, drunk from the intense perfume of the "Mediterranean Green" that surround it.


It is born in the Salento, extreme tip of Italy, rich field of vitality that, from "Heel of the Boot" seems "Door of Europe" more and more. It is born in Otranto, city from the thousand faces and the thousand colours, mosaic of traditions and cultures get to every part of the Mediterranean. Just like the Olive tree. Landed on these rivers more than XXV centuries ago, transported by Greek navigators, raised from Ethrurians, Roman and Arabs, witness of social and cultural evolution of this country and its inhabitants, during the millennia, are reached until us. And we continue taking care with love and passion the secular olive groves that extend in the Fields of Otranto and its "hinterland", giving continuity to a tradition that gets lost by now in the night of times.


The objective of the Montevergine Company is that one to make to coexist farming and tourism without changing the peculiarity, in a plan that try to approach the passionates of this section and the lovers of our country and our culture, receiving them in company, making to assist them or to even participate to all phase of harvesting and handling and to be able therefore better to taste and to appreciate our prince product, image of Salento, for years neglected but that today reclaim the right dignity. In this optical the Oil finds its positioning above all Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Montevergine" and that one coming from biological farming, its the flower on the eyelet of our company. In fact of approximately 100 hectares of olive grove of our property, a third party is raised with methods of biological farming, in observance of the Reg. EEC 2092/91, by now nearly from ten years.


Attention and care in all phase of production and handling and not only. The aesthetic aspect of our confection is index of care and preciousness of particular, son of an artigianal work that follows every single produced bottle. We produce oil like expression of a secular culture that sinks the own roots in farming to make appreciate the value that it characterizes it and makes it the one in the world.